Farm produce

    Farm produce

    Sale of extra virgin olive oil
    Because our land has blossomed into more than 150 olive trees, some of them of 100 years old, the production of oil has quickly become evident.

    We collect the olives manually and make them press cold at the mill of Válor, the neighbouring village (which is also the nearest mill). The manufacture of olive oil goes through different stages: pressing, beating the paste, separation and decantation phase.
    The oil is then bottled and labeled.

    Finally comes the eagerly awaited moment of the tasting :-)
    Contact us to order or to know more.

    Other products

    From the land, we can also consume:
    • fruits: olives, oranges, mandarins, lemons, figs, grape, blackberries, pomegranates, almonds  
    • perennial vegetables and aromatic herbs: fennel, asparagus, garlic, capers, savory, thyme, rosemary, mint
    • in the vegetable garden: carrots, radishes, potatoes, leaks, onions, tomatoes, pimientos, parsley, citronella, spinaches, turnips, cabbages, chicory,…
    For the moment, we don’t have any leftover and already conserve some fruits and vegetables, drying them, putting them vacuum-packed in glass jars or making jams.

    Next, we intend to develop the vegetable garden, continue to plant trees and have animals (hens, rabbits, donkeys, …)

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